MA_quote_1In a highly competitive market, you have to make publishers pay attention. 

Submitting your manuscript to the Manuscript Appraisal Agency (MAA) gives you, the author, a competitive edge in the tough world of modern publishing. We offer:


We also offer (price and information on application):

  • Manuscript Re-read (We will reread the first three chapters only, to make sure you are on the right track with implementing changes, this must be submitted within 8 weeks of receiving your initial appraisal report.) (Price will be based on word count, price on application.)
  • ‘Partial Completion’ Manuscript Appraisals (This is for authors who have written a percentage of their manuscript but who would like guidance before continuing.) (Price on application.)
  • Transcription Services (Price on application.)
  • Publishing Package Services (We will help you write/edit your publishing proposal including cover letter, synopsis, marketing blurb, chapter outline.) (Price on application. Prices will depend on what you require assistance with.)


We also offer GIFT VOUCHERS in full or in part. Please contact us to discuss this further. 


MAA Manuscript Development services

Very few authors work in isolation. Many writers – even established authors – do not hesitate to seek an outside opinion. The MAA team has been partnering with writers for over two decades to achieve the best outcomes for their work.

Our intention is to help you to see your work from a publisher’s perspective. We offer objective feedback on how your work might be received by a publisher based on market appeal, narrative interest and writing competency.

How can we help?

Whether you are trying to develop your writing style, tackle a plot line, or simply get a reaction to your work, our development services are a good place to start. We offer honest, objective and anonymous feedback to help you in that first step of your manuscript development journey.

We generally offer all clients manuscript appraisals in the first instance. If you then feel you are ready to move on to a more rigorous development program then we can discuss our mentorship and editorial services.

We will do our best to accommodate your needs and help you with the development of your manuscript, however we will not recommend a service that we feel you are not yet ready for. This is why our services generally commence with a manuscript appraisal as it gives us the chance to properly assess where your work is at.