Appraisals offer a look at the general workings of your manuscript including narrative structure, pacing, plot development, characterisation, tone/voice, target audience and market competition/expectations. And we provide authors with a clear outline of their manuscript’s strengths and weakness (through the use of specific examples) to help find your manuscript’s full potential.

We also request that you submit a cover letter and synopsis along with your manuscript as this allows us to offer you feedback on the submission as a package – looking at all the relevant content that you would be submitting to a publishing house or agent. We feel that this information can be, at times, as important as the manuscript submission itself. It is important to get these aspects right for submission.

We offer a comprehensive report of no less than four pages that outlines the above in regards to your manuscript. Please note that a manuscript appraisal is the report only, we do not mark-up your manuscript with notes — everything that is needed to be said will be done so in the report. If you are looking for detailed page-by-page notes then using our editorial services might be more appropriate for you.

We aim to turn appraisals around in 6-8 weeks.

The report is not intended to promote your work, it offers you an opportunity to target areas in order to self-edit and re-write. It is entirely up to you how, or if, you choose to incorporate these comments and observations into your work.