About Kit Carstairs

Kit Carstairs has background in book and magazine publishing, academic research, marketing and broadcasting. She has almost a decade of experience working with a wide variety of content including: fiction (adult and children’s), general non-fiction (craft, gardening, home improvement, general DIY, food titles, natural history, general reference, photography) as well as working with corporate (marketing and sales material, business reviews and papers) and academic content (research publications and thesis). Having worked both as a freelance editor and as an in-house editor and project manager in publishing, Kit has a comprehensive understanding of the importance of content development and the need for authors to be proactive in developing manuscripts that represent their full potential. As well as providing manuscript assessments Kit is also able to offer her editing and proofing services (POA) as well as fast and accurate transcribing services (POA). Contact Kit to discuss these services in more detail. Kit lives and works in the inspirational surroundings of the Blue Mountains, in Australia's New South Wales.

Top 5 Mistakes Novice Authors Make

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Author Interview – Cheryl Sawyer

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Want to write great dialogue?

Writing great dialogue doesn’t seem like it would be difficult, but it is actually one of the biggest hurdles that writers face. Done well, dialogue advances the story and fleshes out the characters while providing a break from straight exposition. The key? Good dialogue is not actually real dialogue – which is often rather … Read More