Author Interview – Renee Spyrou

We sat down and had a chat to author, Renee Spyrou, about her book Seraphympire: Guardians of the gateways. We wanted to know a little bit more about what drove her as a writer and how she came upon her stories. Here she shares a little of her writing journey with us… … Read More

Author Interview – Catherine Gillard

The Manuscript Agency is proud to present the first in a series of author interviews with our published authors (and anyone else who might enjoy sitting down for a yarn with us!). This one is with one of our recently published authors, Catherine Gillard. We had a chat to Catherine … Read More

Christmas Dreaming…and writing challenges!

Tia is a regular contributor on our Facebook page and she willingly took up the ‘Christmas Dreaming’ writing challenge that I set a few days ago. I posted the following photos and suggested that my talented writers use the images as writing inspirations – to write a 1000-word (or thereabouts) short story … Read More

The myths of getting published

There is a wonderful fantasy around ‘being published’. This includes the process of finding a publisher, the publishing experience itself and the finished product’s shelf life – as well as how it makes its way to the shelf. Being published, while incredibly exciting, isn’t always as glamorous as the movies … Read More