Author Interview – Jim Marwood

ABOUT THE AUTHOR… Can you tell us a little bit more about yourself? What did you want to be when you ‘grew up’? I’m still unsure about the growing up bit, but I qualified in medicine in England, then emigrated as a ‘Ten Pound Pom’. I worked in tropical Queensland at a … Read More

More on… Manuscript Appraisals

The Manuscript Agency was recently invited to post a guest blog for Self-Publishers’ Showcase, a wonderful resource of information and support for authors choosing to self-publish.   Finding the path to writing a ‘publishable’ piece of fiction is a balancing act: it takes good prose, a well-crafted plot, good pace, … Read More

Creating your own ebook

Whether you seek out traditional publishing or choose to self-publishing there is much to learn—this includes creating your own ebook. Keith Stevenson, a partner in ebookedit (with well-known industry editor Nicola O’Shea), author of science-fiction thriller ‘Horizon’ (HarperCollins Voyager), and publisher at coeur de lion publishing sat down with us to explain the … Read More

Author Interview – Guy Roberts

Author, Guy Roberts, was kind enough to share his time with us to talk about his fictional thriller, ‘Napoleon’s Gold’. We wanted to know more about his life as a writer and here he shares a little of his writing journey with us… ABOUT THE AUTHOR… Guy was born in the … Read More

Top 5 Mistakes Novice Authors Make

Your road to becoming a published author will be filled with moments of pure excitement, but you’ll also experience moments of utter desperation. The best way to prepare for these ups and downs is to acknowledge the problems and find ways to avoid the most common traps. Novice authors tend … Read More