Structuring Your Novel by Karen Wood

Karen Wood is a much-loved MAA appraiser, and an outstanding person who we feel privileged to work with. She also happens to be a devoted published author of teen fiction and a committed supporter of other emerging writers. In this article, that we pinched (with permission) from the Writing Teen Novels website, … Read More

Book Review – PALACE OF TEARS (Julian Leatherdale)

Palace of Tears is the debut novel from author, Julian Leatherdale. It is a brooding generational saga of family, loss, betrayal, vengeance and discovery. Written from a shifting third person narrative, we watch events unfold from the perspective of several different key characters spanning three generations and more than a … Read More

Writing a Synopsis

I am sure it is not surprising, but writing a synopsis is the hardest task for most of our authors. It’s rare to find anyone completely confident in their synopsis and cover letter – even if they think they have written the world’s best book! It’s hard. And we – … Read More

More on… Manuscript Appraisals

The Manuscript Agency was recently invited to post a guest blog for Self-Publishers’ Showcase, a wonderful resource of information and support for authors choosing to self-publish.   Finding the path to writing a ‘publishable’ piece of fiction is a balancing act: it takes good prose, a well-crafted plot, good pace, … Read More

Author Interview – Guy Roberts

Author, Guy Roberts, was kind enough to share his time with us to talk about his fictional thriller, ‘Napoleon’s Gold’. We wanted to know more about his life as a writer and here he shares a little of his writing journey with us… ABOUT THE AUTHOR… Guy was born in the … Read More