If you would like more information before submitting your manuscript for appraisal, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. Alternatively, if you are ready to take the plunge and submit your manuscript for assessment, please follow the below instructions.

Thank you for choosing The Manuscript Appraisal Agency!


  1. Prepare your Manuscript Package.
  2. Complete the Declaration Form and sign it.
  3. Review the Schedule of Fees and arrange payment.
  4. Submit your Manuscript Package either via snail mail or email. See below for details.
  5. Once we receive your manuscript and payment we will notify you via email and provide you with a receipt of payment. General turnaround for all assessments is 6-8 weeks.


Your Manuscript Package should include:

  • Manuscript (printed one-sided, pages numbered, using 12-point readable font, 1.5 line-spacing, unbound – or use an elastic band, if desired). Please also include: title of MS, word count, author name and contact details. 
  • Declaration form
  • Synopsis (1 page), please see our Writing a Synopsis blog for more information.
  • Cover letter (written as if submitting to an agent or publisher), please see our Writing a Cover Letter blog for more information.  
  • MAA cover letter addressing The MAA about your reasons for seeking an appraisal, motivations for writing the manuscript, and what you hope to address – we will do our best to respond to queries within this letter, within reason – however we will not read this letter until we have completed writing our initial appraisal report, we will then add notes as required. 



Send hardcopy manuscripts to:
The Manuscript Appraisal Agency
PO Box 356
Katoomba 2780
NSW  Australia

For email submissions, please send to:
Please remove the brackets when emailing; the brackets are to hinder the ‘spamming programs’. Thanks!

(Printing charges will apply to electronic submissions: AUD$0.20/page of printing + $10.00 admin fee). Your manuscript must be one Word Document file. Please ensure the cover letters and synopsis are on a separate file. 

Please note that we no longer return manuscripts in the mail as a standard service. Instead, you will receive an electronic copy of your appraisal report via email. If you would like us to return your manuscript we will happily do so, this will incur a fee of $30 for postage and handling. Please notify us if you would like us to return your manuscript and please ensure you include this fee in your payment to us. 


Conditions and disclaimers:

  • The MAA does not publish manuscripts and cannot guarantee that an appraisal will secure you a publishing opportunity. It offers a commercial evaluation on content and advice as to how to get the manuscript to a standard that is acceptable to literary agents and publishers.
  • The MAA provides a minimum of four pages of written evaluation by an experienced industry professional, looking at areas such as: presentation, accompanying material, style, narrative flow, character development, tone, voice, plotting, target audience, general interest and commercial viability.
  • The author of the work must be at least 18 years of age, or have a parent or guardian’s written approval to submit the manuscript.
  • All manuscripts must be original unpublished works. They must be submitted by the author or authors or with the written permission of the author.
  • Privacy of the author will be respected and the names of appraisers used by MAA shall remain anonymous at all times to ensure their privacy (this is in order to remain objective as well as to protect the identity of freelancers, many of whom are still working full- or part-time in the industry).
  • While every care is taken to preserve the manuscript and associated submissions, no responsibility is accepted for any loss or damage. It is strongly recommended that the author retain the original of all manuscripts and associated documents submitted.
  • Reports are not to be published without The MAA approval, and quotes and/or extracts must not be used out of context. A report may be sent to a publisher or literary agent in its entirety only, accompanying the version of the MS that was reviewed.
  • The MAA reserves the right to refuse an appraisal of a manuscript, and on doing so will inform the author and return the Manuscript Package and payment in full.
  • The manuscript appraisal report is just that: a report. Everything you will need will be found within the pages of the report. We will not mark-up the manuscripts in any way. We will, however, make page references for you so please ensure you retain a copy of the manuscript that you send us (ie without further edits) so you are able to refer back to this copy in relation to the appraisal report.