We also offer editing services including:

  • Structural Editing (focusing on general structure, pacing, plot, themes, inconsistencies, use of dialogue, character development, writing style)
  • Copy Editing services (this will help with editing at the sentence level including paragraph and sentence structure, word use, logic, consistency, continuity, dialogue, grammar, spelling, punctuation, fact checking, and will aim to help create a smooth prose flow)
  • Proof reading (this is a process of checking for typos, incorrect spelling and punctuation, formatting mistakes, incorrect usages, logic lapses and other minor mechanical problems).


There will always be an element of cross-over in each of these categories as it is hard to edit in isolation. Once a manuscript assessment has been conducted we will be able to assess what level of editing will best suit your needs. The manuscript assessment also partially acts as a structural report, offering a basis for a structural edit to be conducted.