Editing, Mentorships and all other services
Below you will see the set fees for our appraisal service, all other services are ‘price on application’ as these services vary according to the needs of each individual manuscript and client. These include: 

  • Writers’ residency
  • Partial Completion appraisal report
  • Mentorships
  • Editorial services
  • Author website editing/writing
  • Submission package editing/writing
  • Transcription services


The MAA charges a one-off fee per manuscript which is due before the commencement of the appraisal process. This fee covers the cost of the appraisal (provided in the form of a written electronic report). All prices are in Australian dollars. Prices are categorised by word count. Please note that books in a series are still considered individual submissions (ie you have three books in your series, this will be three separate submissions) – however if you contact me prior to submitting a series I will happily apply a discount for submitting all at once. A book of short stories is price on application.

Appraisal Pricing Structure

Children’s Picture Book texts  $ 450
For all manuscripts up to 50,000  $ 550
For all manuscripts 50,000 to 80,000  $ 640
For all manuscripts 80,000 to 120,000  $ 715
For all manuscripts 120,000 to 170,000  $ 790
For all manuscripts 170,000 to 220,000  $ 865
For all manuscripts 220,000 to 270,000  $ 915
For all manuscripts 270,000 to 320,000  $ 965
For all manuscripts 320,000 to 370,000  $ 1,000
For all manuscripts 370,000 to 420,000  $ Price on application
For all manuscripts 420,000 to 470,000  $ Price on application
For all manuscripts 470,000 to 520,000  $ Price on application
Mentorship and editorial services  $ Price on application

If you resubmit the same manuscript for a follow-up appraisal within 12 months we will happily apply a 10% discount to your second appraisal – please remind us of this when you resubmit! 


Payment can be made via personal or bank cheque, or money order (made out to The Manuscript Agency), or via direct debit. (Please contact The MAA via our Contact Form for bank details.)

Once payment is received, you will be issued with a receipt.

*Printing charges will apply to electronic submissions: AUD$0.20/page of printing + $10.00 admin fee. 

**Please note that we no longer return manuscripts in the mail as a standard service. Instead, you will receive an electronic copy of your appraisal report via email. If you would like us to return your manuscript we will happily do so, this will incur a fee of $30 for postage and handling. Please notify us if you would like us to return your manuscript and please ensure you include this fee in your payment to us.